Welcome to Via de Dios

You’ve heard the phrase, Location, Location, Location. I’m sure you’ve also heard of finding the need and filling it. Via de Dios is the realization of the wants and needs, the hopes and dreams of a sizeable number of Tucsonans both Christian and non-Christian.Via de Dios is a 501(c)(3) Religious organization with the mission of providing a central location where Christians experience spiritual development, spiritual direction, spiritual leadership and spiritual commitment.

Our plan is to purchase a property to fill the need of so many Christians who have yearned for a central location for retreats and continuing education. Many Tucsonans, both Christian and Non-Christian want to use a facility for artistic pursuits and community events. They are thrilled with our plan to develop a Christian Center.

By providing a central physical location, Via de Dios will help address the problem of Christian disunity due to the division in Churches today, by offering a place for community, collaboration, and activities that promote unity. Via de Dios can then offer a home for Christian ministries as well as complimentary non-profits who have indicated interested; such as the U of A Religious Studies Department, Sons of Orpheus (Men’s choral group) and Arizona Choral Arts Association (women choral groups), artists and other creatives all of which benefit the entire Tucson community.

Via de Dios will be a self-sustaining property from revenues received through Retreats, Conferences, and many other activities as well as income from long term leases with Christian ministries and complimentary non-profit organizations.

Our goal for Via de Dios is to establish and develop this landmark facility into an unprecedent location for Christian unity, leadership training, an unparalleled retreat destination in Southern Arizona, a place for prayer and a community hub for events.